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  VoIP Communications

Enterprise VoIP phone systems with video calling and conferencing

  Network Infrastructure

Advanced enterprise network and IT security solutions

  Cloud Infrastructure

Private and Public Cloud integration and migration to the Cloud

VoIP Communications

VoIP phones. SIP Trunking. DID numbers porting to SIP. Advanced call routing. Multiple sites phone systems. Video conferencing. Auto-attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Softphones integration. Call centers.

VoIP Phone Systems

We offer a full range of IP phones and PBX platforms in order to offer the ideal device for every business need and every user. Whether you need a basic, mid-range, high-end, video or cordless phones, we have what you need.

We design, build and manage your entire VoIP infrastructure for multiple locations, including integration with your business directory and existing phone services and network infrastructure.

Video Conferencing

We have everything that any business needs to create a powerful yet affordable multi-sites video conferencing solution that increases productivity and saves money on business travel. Modern, full-HD real-time video conferencing brings a completely new level of business communication.

Integrating your remote sites into one flexible virtual office, it allows your teams to work together much more efficiently, bringing more advantages to your business. Try it once, and you will ask yourself how you worked without it before. By the way, don't be surprised if your competitors already use this technology in their day to day business.

Network and Security Infrastructure

Distributed offices enterprise network. Remote access VPN. Enterprise network zoning and perimeter security. High Availability and Multi-homed WAN connections. Network Load Balancing. IP management. IPv4/IPv6 migration. Wi-Fi networking.

Enterprise Network

We design and build advanced network infrastructure that is cost-effective and best meets your business needs. Leveraging our significant experience, we thoroughly assess your technical and budgeting requirements and implement the best available technologies and IT practices.

Network and security integrity and consistency is an essential part of your IT infrastructure, and we make sure it is rock solid, working with industry leading vendors like Cisco, Juniper, F5, Citrix, Barracuda, Ubiquiti.

Enterprise IT Security

We offer a complete range od IT security solutions, protecting your network and your virtual assets with the industry leading technologies. Nowadays, data is an essential part of any business. We make sure your network is properly secured on all levels.

From LAN/WAN firewalls to cloud security, from DMZ zoning to VMWare NSX micro-segmentation, we leverage the best available technology options, accommodating your IT budget and business requirement.

Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Migration

Managed Public, Private or Hybrid based infrastructure. Cloud resources management. Integration with SaaS and PaaS services. Existing infrastructure and data migration to the Cloud. Cost optimization.

Enterprise Cloud

Corporate cloud is an organic part of any IT infrastructure, seamlessly enabling collaboration, real-time communication, remote access and other essential business processes.

Leveraging the best available technologies, we accommodate your IT environment to using Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud options that meets your business requirements. Enterprise cloud enables the most optimized balance between OpEx and CapEx, providing the highest level of scalability, availability and performance management.

Migration to Cloud

If your legacy infrastructure needs improvements, moving to the Cloud is the best and the most cost-effective option. Balancing OpEx vs CapEx, businesses significantly save on the IT cost, at the same time improving overall productivity and user experience.

We can thoroughly assess your existing infrastructure and plan, design and perform migration to the Cloud, improving functionality and scalability, optimizing the cost and ability for a future grow.

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